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Podcast Coaching

I whole-heartedly believe the magic of conversation is real… that each unique voice is the cornerstone of facilitating healing, change + transformation. I created the binge-worthy podcast Quintessential Being that has over 6K downloads.


Spanning 40+ episodes I connect hearts, ears + souls to women making a difference in their corners of the world – want to know how I did it? Work with me. 


As a podcast coach my work in the world was a natural progression from an extensive background in media, where as an announcer for community + commercial radio stations across SA + Victoria I entertained, informed + connected with listeners. 


Podcasts perform like no other medium can… doing the heavy lifting for your business, they unite – you with your people. Your voice is an intimate + unique tool that has the power to connect + inspire your audience, pivoting potential clients + followers into loyal adoring fans!

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Zero to Launch

Online Group Mentoring

5 weeks – 10 teachings that get you from zero to launched + LISTED. 

Course breakdown below;


Week 1:

S1 - Content + upload planning/ structure session

S2 - template script for show intro + recording software rundown


Week 2:

S1 - Recording your podcast SHOW intro – voice training tips + tricks, basic editing skills

S2 - Building your show intro/outro + sweeper, royalty free music sites


Week 3:

S1 - Ep Zero template script

S2 - Recording + editing together Ep Zero


Week 4:

S1 - Media Host, Cover Image, Podcast description,

ID3 tags

S2 - Pre-Launch strategy


Week 5:

S1 - troubleshooting questions, build your audience

S2 – Show notes, SEO + publishing


An open-hearted container to create your next-level magic... come join me to get voiced + visible!


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Voice is the cornerstone of healing,
change + transformation 
Podcast in Your Pocket

Want to start a podcast but don’t have the time?!  I got you! 


You, me + 30 days. 

This done-for-you package includes;


- 1:1 30 min zoom strategy session to map your first podcast season

- Professionally edited Podcast Show intro/outro/sweeper with royalty-free music (3 options presented)

- Voice recording tips + tricks

- Media host set-up + submission

- 30 day voxer access 

- First 2 episodes of your podcast - fully edited, produced + uploaded

- Professional and detailed show notes with tags to optimise SEO

- Complete audio editing of podcast episodes using professional software (subject to recording quality)

- removal of ums, ahhs, clicks, awkward pauses, sneezes or coughing

- audio mixing, levelling, and background noise reduction

- removal or reductions of popping “P” sounds + whistling “S” sounds

- Add podcast show intro/outro + sweepers - fully edited + produced podcast episode uploaded to media host + published to all platforms

- Podcast cover image creation with provided brand kit colours/fonts/images ( 3 options presented)

- 60 sec audiogram for social promo of each episode



Who wants one?  

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Nikki O'Brien.jpg

"Working with Nikki is like a breath of fresh air! I only wish I hired her sooner. She's excellent at what she does. I know my work is in safe hands. Most importantly her energy is in complete alignment with my business" -Dr Sophie Brock

-  Dr Sophie Brock

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